Orbrium Toys Track

Orbrium is a U.S. company that manufactures wooden trains, track, and other accessories that are compatible with the BRIO system. The track is manufactured in China.

As of early 2014, Obrirum does not have a large selection of individual track for sale, but they do offer some specialty pieces such as a T-switch, buffer stops, and short curved switches. It is the latter, roughly equivalent to BRIO's O1 and P1 track, that I examine here.

Orbrium's curved switches are sold as 3.5" curved switches, where the 3.5" refers to the turn radius. The straight section is exactly 4" long, about 102mm, which is a little shorter than the BRIO equivalent which is based on A1 at 108mm. The curve is also slightly sharper than E1, with a radius of 3 7/16" (or about 87mm)—just shy of the advertised 3.5"—compared to E1's radius of 90mm.


Orbrium track is made from beech wood.

Construction Quality

For the most part the quality of construction is very good, but not as good as genuine BRIO track. The track grooves are generally smooth, but like Jesse's Wooden Toybox track some pieces have striations in the grooves, though they are not as pronounced. Overall the track appears to be the most refined of the 3rd party track I have examined.

The curved track uses a plastic peg for the male connector. BRIO has also started using plastic pegs on some of its track.


Overall, the track is close to the BRIO standard, but not a perfect fit. Edges along the grooves are rounded rather than chamfered. The male connector is slightly shorter than on BRIO track.

Measurement Orbrium BRIO
Track width
Male connector diameter
Male connector length
Female connector diameter
Groove depth
Groove width



The track I purchased came packaged in a cardboard box sized to fit the track.

Overall Impression

This is a good quality track that is close to the BRIO standard, but a sloppy fit. Though made from beech wood, the use of rounded rather than chamfered grooves means the track won't blend seamlessly.

My biggest complaint with the curved switch track is that they do not match the BRIO O1 or P1 switch. The straight section is shorter than A1, and the curve is sharper than E1. The Vario system will probably smooth over these variations, but the E1 radius is already sharp enough to be a problem for trains with a long wheel base and fixed wheels.

Packaging for Orbrium Toys track.

The Orbrium short curved switch compared to BRIO. The Orbrium track is on top. Note that the straight is shorter, and the turning radius is sharper.

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