Jesse's Toy Box Track

Jesse's Toy Box LLC is a family business in western New York, and their online sales are done via Amazon and eBay. Their wooden railway track is manufactured in China.

Jesse's does provide a 3" straight track. At 76.5mm this is very close to the BRIO A3 track, making it a very useful length. They also offer double-curved switches (BRIO track I and J) and straight switches (BRIO track F and G).


Jesse's track is manufactured from beech wood, just like BRIO track.

Construction Quality

Construction quality ranges from good to poor. There are significant variations in track quality even within the same package. Some track grooves are smooth, and some are striated. There are also significant variations in track width.


Overall, the track is close to the BRIO standard, but not a perfect fit. Edges along the grooves are rounded rather than chamfered. The male connector is 1mm shorter than on BRIO track.

Measurement Jesse's Toy Box BRIO
Track width
varies, 38 to 40mm
Male connector diameter
Male connector length
Female connector diameter
Groove depth
Groove width



The track I purchased came in bulk packaging, shrink-wrapped with a paper insert that serves as the product identifier. Only large

Overall Impression

This is a mediocre-quality track that is close to the BRIO standard, but a sloppy fit overall. The variations in manufacturing, even among track in the same package, suggests poor quality control. The grooves are not a good fit with BRIO track, and the variations in track width are noticable. Though made from beech wood, the use of rounded rather than chamfered grooves means the track won't blend seamlessly.

My biggest complatin, however, is with the male and female connector sizes. The female connector is too short, which means it won't seat flush with the male end of BRIO track.

Despite these reservations, I recommend that every BRIO set include the 3" straight from Jesse's Toy Box track. Measuring at 74mm in length, it is a near-perfect match for the BRIO A3 track which is not widely available. This is a very useful track length that the BRIO system desperately needs.

Packaging for Jesse's Toy Box track. (Image source: manufacturer)

Striations and some scalloping in the groove machining.

The track has rounded grooves instead of beveled edges. This closeup also shows the rough finish in the female connector .

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