BRIO® Engineers Club Newsletter Archive

Issues of the BRIO Engineers Club newsletter were published on a periodic basis, usually twice a year. These four-page newsletters were sent by mail and were also available at BRIO retailers. Each issue of the newsletter typically included a photo or two of a BRIO Engineers Club member and their layouts, along with a brief biography of the young (and sometimes young at heart) fan. The newsletters also contained news about the latest products, train-related trivia, crossword puzzles and other fun games. Publication of the BRIO Engineers Club newsletters continued into the late 1990s.

All of these scans, save for Vol 5 No 2, were provided by writer and BRIO enthusiast Josh McMorrow-Hernandez.

  • 1987Vol 3, No 2
  • 1988Vol 4, No 1
  • 1988Vol 4, No 2
  • 1989Vol 5, No 1
  • 1989Vol 5, No 2
  • 1990Vol 6, No 1
  • 1991Vol 7, No 1

About the Engineers Club

Unveiled in 1985, the BRIO Engineers Club served as the official BRIO fan club in the United States. Those who purchased a BRIO railway set would receive a free packet that included a conductor's hat, a club T-shirt and a wooden train whistle. Registrants also received a BRIO Engineers Club certificate proclaiming their membership.

(Many thanks to BRIO enthusiast Josh McMorrow-Hernandez for providing these descriptions of the Engineers Club and the newsletter)

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