BRIO Catalog Archive

I have acquired a large number of BRIO catalogs from different time periods, and have digitzed the wooden railway sections—some catalogs have dozens of pages—and posted them here for download and viewing. BRIO produced a wide range of catalogs, ranging from the foldouts included in retail packages to full consumer catalog booklets to wire-bound flip books intended for display in retail stores. Old BRIO catalogs are more than just nastolgic: they can help you identify retired BRIO products.

Catalogs have been broken out into three sections: booklets, foldouts, and themed foldouts.

  • Catalog BookletsFull BRIO dealer/consumer catalogs and wooden railway booklets.
  • FoldoutsFoldout catalogs that are inserted into retail boxes.
  • Themed FoldoutsFoldout catalogs for product themes such as Sky Train, Thomas and Friends, and the Trains of the World.

About the BRIO Catalog Archive

Catalogs are listed in chronological order, and the exact year of publication is shown where known. Otherwise, a best guess is provided based on the products listed inside, using catalogs with known dates as reference points.

Also check out the catalog spotting page for a look at other catalogs and booklets that are known to exist.

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