BRIO Catalog Booklets

These are large catalog booklets, and BRIO has historically produced three basic varieties that covered the wooden railway system:

  • dealer catalog
  • consumer catalog
  • wooden railway catalog
  • wooden railway photo book

Consumer catalogs booklets were produced in print regularly in printed form through 2005. Beginning in 2010, BRIO's consumer catalogs are published digitally at Issuu and are also printed in some markets.

Consumer and Dealer Catalogs

BRIO produced both consumer and dealer catalogs, but collectors almost always refer to them generically as dealer catalogs since they are sent directly to dealers. A typical consumer catalog shows all products produced by BRIO for the specified year, has dozens of pages, and includes product photos, names, descriptions, and catalog numbers. These catalogs are almost always dated on the front cover, and prior to the early 1980's may have spanned multiple years. Dealer catalogs show additional products that are of interest to dealers, such as rtial display items, promotional materials and even information on future packaging and products. Prior to the early 1990's, dealer and consumer catalogs were not that much different, but beginning in the mid-90's dealer catalogs became quite large and varied significantly from the consumer versions.
  • 1978-79This is a very small booklet, just under 4" x 6", so the print is tiny and hard to read. Shows the 70's style Town Set and trees. Catalog book provided by BRIO collector Tyme. PDF, 539 KB.
  • 1980-81Also a small catalog booklet. PDF, 933 KB.
  • 1982Scan provided by BRIO enthusiast Josh McMorrow-Hernandez. PDF, 999 KB.
  • 1985 Also a small booklet with tiny text. PDF, 1.76 MB.
  • 1987Excerpt from a full catalog of two-page spreads. This was just before the major expansion of the wooden railway product lineup began. PDF, 1.71 MB.
  • 1988Similar in style to the 1987 consumer catalog. Includes rare, hard to find sets like the Hospital, Merry-go-round, and Helicopter. PDF, 1.04 MB.
  • 1991 Includes rare, hard to find sets like the Prairie and Western sets. PDF, 2.12 MB.
  • 2001Includes the Curious George, Busytown and Bob the Builder themes. PDF, 2.08 MB
  • 2002One of the most prolific catalogs that is often seen for sale on eBay. Includes the Pirates and Space themes. PDF, 2.22 MB
  • 2005This was the last year for printed catalog booklets from BRIO until 2010. Includes the Smart Track line of products. PDF, 1.98 MB

Wooden Railway Catalogs

These show products from the wooden railway system but may occasionally have a page or two dedicated to another product line. Like consumer catalogs, these books included product photos, names, descriptions, and catalog numbers. The books were often labeled "Wooden Railway", "Wooden Railway System", "Wooden Railway Wishbook" or "Range Guide" (in the U.K.), and generally did not have a date on the cover. A printing or copyright date may or may not be present on the back cover. These catalogs also tended to feature sample layouts and railway system expansion ideas.

These were produced annually throughout most of the 1990's and were often bundled with starter sets.

  • 1993Includes the very rare Blue Steam Engine. My copy is a little torn up so the last page and the back cover are courtesy of user catmatjess from the Thomas Wooden Railway Forums. PDF, 1.55 MB.
  • 1994Not much different from the 1993 catalog except for a couple of product changes. Oddly, products introduced in this year (e.g., the Great Western Railway engine) are not flagged as being new. PDF, 1.53 MB
  • 1995This was a major product transition year for BRIO. PDF, 1.59 MB.
  • 1996PDF, 2.05 MB.
  • 1997 introduction of double track and double track bridges. PDF, 1.64 MB.
  • 1998 (addendum)This is identical to the 1997 except for the cover image, and includes a four-page addendum in the middle listing new products for 1998. Only the addendum is shown here. PDF, 463 KB.
  • Late 1998This is the second of two 1998 wishbooks and it was printed later in the year. It shows the full product lineup for 1998. Catalog provided for scanning by BRIO collector Tyme. PDF, 2.48 MB
  • 2000Another major product transition year for BRIO. Includes the Theodore Tugboat and Busytown themes. PDF, 3.45 MB

Wooden Railway Photobooks

These booklets differ from the wooden railway catalogs in that they have only product photos and catalog numbers: there are no product names or descriptions, and the booklets contain limited text (more than likely this was to facilitate global distribution). Like the wooden railway catalog booklets, they are typically undated, and may or may not have a printing or copyright date on the back cover.
  • 1985The oldest known photobook, this was bundled with starter sets in the mid to late 80's. There is a printing date on the rear cover. PDF, 1.60 MB.
  • 1987 (estimated)Arguably the most prolific photobook, this undated booklet was bundled with starter sets from the late 80's until the very early 90's. It is frequently seen on eBay either sold by itself or as part of larger lots. PDF, 1.38 MB.
  • 1992This book is undated, but dealer catalogs indicate it is from 1992. The product lineup is consistent with that. PDF, 1.05 MB.
  • 1998Includes some rare products: track A3, the X2000 Train, the Windmill and the Water Tower. PDF, 2.25 MB.

About the BRIO Catalog Archive

Catalogs are listed in chronological order, and the exact year of publication is shown where known. Otherwise, a best guess is provided based on the products listed inside, using catalogs with known dates as reference points.

Also check out the catalog spotting page for a look at other catalogs and booklets that are known to exist.

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