BRIO, Corp. official web site., proposing a modular standard for wooden railway track tables and shelf-mounted railways. Featuring plans for building your own tables that are portable for display at model train shows, as well as for at-home use.

The Wooden Railway Page from David Harper, featuring photos of his rather extensive BRIO collection. This is the largest BRIO setup that I know of.

BRIO Art and Modeling

BRIO 3-D. Many times more impressive than my raytracing from the days of yore is the rendering work by 3d4me, who has modeled a number of classic BRIO sets in excruciating detail.

BRIO Wooden Railway Raytracing, my short-lived efforts in the mid-2000's to do 3-D rendering and modeling of BRIO wooden railway parts. I didn't have enough time to keep this going, or the money to keep up with the latest and greatest modeling tools, so it was a short-lived effort.

BRIO History and Collecting

Historical Wooden Train Sets, from Doug's Toy Wooden Railroads site.

ToysPeriod, a store for NIB, MIB, and MISB BRIO wooden railway sets, among others. Contains many product photos, ID numbers and names, and descriptions of vintage and retired products.

Vitage BRIO Train Collecting by Dave Pecota, at his Wooden Train section of the web site Old Wood Toys and Dolls.

Related Sites

The Thomas Wooden Railway Forums, hosted at Proboards. These boards are not publicly accessible so you'll have to request access, and that approval might take a couple of days.

The short-lived Brio Sky Train theme.


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