About me

Despite a childhood fascination with wooden trains, I didn't get my frist wooden train set until my wife gave me several starter sets as a Christmas present many years ago, and from that point on I was hooked. Over the years my collections has grown to nearly 1000 pieces, consisting of over 350 pieces of track and bridges, over a hundred trains, cars, and vehicles, and the rest in accessories and accessory sets. While I might technically be considered a collector, I do not keep my BRIO in sealed boxes or behind glass, and I'm not interested in buying and keeping MIB sets.

All of my track and accessories are genuine BRIO, save for a few pieces of third party track, some semaphores from Thomas the Tank Engine, and the monorail train from Plan Toys. Most of my BRIO is from the late 80's, the 90's, and the early 2000's, and the rest is a smattering of modern accessories. I prefer the "2nd generation" minifigs, and buildings and vehicles that have realistic styling.

Like many BRIO afficianados, I am not a huge fan of the trend towards more and more plastic, but I recognize that it can be used appropriately and enable designs that are not possible with wood alone. It is hard for me to get too worked up over it given that the tipping wagons, cars with all-plastic hoppers, debuted in the 1970's. What I don't like is the use of plastic where wood will do, and many of the 2013 and newer accessories have plastic bases that integrate a large, molded plastic track. It's visually jarring, not to mention fairly ugly, and a huge departure from the BRIO tradition.

While my BRIO set is quite large, it is not the a long shot! David Harper's setup dwarfs mine, and as far as I know everyone else's, too.

In the mid-2000's, I started toying with modeling BRIO parts using AutoCAD and similar drafting, design, and rendering systems. I've not done much with it since then. It was a time-consuming project that I just couldn't keep alive due to other demands, but you can check out what I created on my BRIO Ray Tracing site.


I want to give special thanks to the following individuals who have all made significant contributions to this site, whether it be direct content or just knowledge and information. This site would not be what it is without them.

  • BRIO collector artheathen
  • wooden train enthusiast and collector Dave Pecota
  • BRIO enthusiast Josh McMorrow-Hernandez
  • BRIO collector Tyme

My BRIO collection

You can view selected photos from some of my various BRIO layouts and selected items from my collection online at flickr.

These show only a fraction of my collection. I don't have a space large enough to hold it all.

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